7 reasons to pick earthenware

7 reasons to pick Earthenware We are very careful about the things we eat then why not with utensils we cook in! Earthen ware is one of the best medium to cook food in and actually benefits your health! So go ahead or should we say go back to using clay and earthenware to cook…

Clay tumblers


Clay planters

Add a hint of freshness to your cubicle with these cup and saucer planters. Ideal for growing cactii and succulents. Clay Planter Variant#1 Size: Large Code: AuroPlntr01 Height – approx 10 cm (inclusive of saucer) Weight –  approx 530 gms Clay Planter Variant#1 Size: small Code: AuroPlntr01 Height – approx 8.5 cm (inclusive of saucer)…

Clay mugs

Enjoy your favourite beverage in these cool clay mugs. Comes with a lid. Clay mug Variant#1 Code: AuroMG01 Volume –  approx 600ml Weight – approx 600 grams Height (inclusive of lid) – approx 13 cm These mugs need not be seasoned. They can be directly used after soaking in water for 45 minutes and washing….

Clay bowls too make yummy curds

Curds or Dahi form an integral part of the Indian cuisine, be it Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati or Karnatakan style of cooking. Curds help cooling the body and have many other health benefits too. Aurovika brings earthenware to make thick curds right at home. These bowls are ideal to make curds and the results say it…